[⏱️] The official UNOFFICIAL MakeCode arcade SPEEDRUN leaderboard [⏱️]

You should add WIZZY.
That could be interesting.

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Are you allowed to ask for games to be added on one of these, if so can the game can be unfinished and you add the levels to the forum afterwards or not?

@Sarge Can you add Sent Back in Time?


I’m working on reviving this board in the background with some help… if when the board is brought back up again I’m adding a bunch of games, so sure!


@Sarge Are we allowed to or not?

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Refer to the above message. When the board is restored, you’ll be able to submit games. Also, you’ll be able to submit updates, so people can choose which version to speedrun.



What is the set seed for the procedurally generated platformer?

Whichever seed you set! Set seed just means you entered the seed, rather than randomly generated it before the run. That way you can practice the seed before actually playing, recording and submitting the run!

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