Traffic Tiles

  • Were you able to complete all levels?
  • Were you not able to complete all levels?

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Just to see if I need more levels. Thanks if you answer!


WOW really hard!! love puzzle games a lot

I will add more levels.

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Its really tricky though how you have to use the cars and move them

How did you know that they were possible or not?

Tested them.

All vertical cars move with :arrow_down: :arrow_up:
All vertical cars move with :arrow_left: :arrow_right:

If two cars are in a row, the front one moves

I know how they move. Its just how did you get them to move. Pretty cool with the physics. No wonder why you were asking about wall things in another “chat”.

SUPER hard took me 5 tries to win, I got in a few tight spots

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I only got it on my first try cause i’m kind of good at these types of games. Puzzles are fun.

Great! How many levels should I have in total? (I have 8 so far).

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10? maybe

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I think that you could try setting difficulties like easy medium and hard, with hard being the most amount of tile puzzles. Maybe 14 would be a good number of levels.