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Hi there,

I’m about to start writing support docs for an Arcade course I’m running. I do teaching we families and we love Makecode Arcade!

Most tutorials seem to start with a black slate that users add to. Can I start with blocks already there that users add to or change?

On a related note where should I ask questions if I get stuck again - is this an ok place or is there a better thread?

Is the following the best process to follow? Also are there any updates?

Thanks in advance!

You’re in the right place for asking questions! The arcade section might get more views though.

You want a template macro - see the list here. This will change the default blocks the tutorial starts with.

Oh, and sidenote, when you’re done writing the tutorials, we’d love to see them!

Fantastic, Just what I needed.
I’ll be sure to share back.

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