Using MakeCode while in a LAN game - connectivity issues

I am able to run MakeCode fine while playing by myself. When I play on a LAN (two PCs) I can run the MakeCode server and connect to it in-game with /connect IP. Whenever I try to run my MakeCode creation, however, it shortly thereafter kicks me off the server (or kicks the other person off the server if I’m the one hosting the world and I try to use MakeCode) - whoever is the client to the minecraft lan game gets kicked out, no matter who is running MakeCode. If I then reconnect to the world and press the green play button again (MakeCode stays open while I get kicked off the Minecraft server), it will allow me to use the MakeCode creation in the game.

So for now what I have been doing is this: join the LAN game (hosted by the weaker PC because my faster PC can disconnect and join a game faster), connect MakeCode, create something in MakeCode, run it (by chat command, player action etc.), get kicked off the lan server, join the server again, press stop and play on MakeCode again and use the MakeCode creation. When I want to adjust the MakeCode creation I have to go through this again (get kicked out, adjust it, reconnect and use it).

Is this a setting on the LAN or in Minecraft or in MakeCode that causes this? Are there any better suggestions for workarounds? Many thanks!