V2 and V3 incompatibility for UART data

I want an integer value of a byte received by the MicroBit’s UART. Thus, binary 01101101 should give me the integer value 109. This program runs fine under Microbit Python v2:

from microbit import *
from microbit import uart, sleep
uart_Rx_buffer = [0, 0]
while True:
uart.init(baudrate = 9600, tx = pin0, rx = pin1)
while not uart.any():
uart_Rx_buffer = uart.read(1)

int_val = int.from_bytes(uart_Rx_buffer, "big")

But it throws an error (see below) on this statement when I try to run it with Microbit Python v3:

int_val = int.from_bytes(uart_Rx_buffer, “big”)

Error message: "Argument does not match parameter type for parameter “bytes”

What the heck is going on and how can I get the decimal value? I could not find anything clear about any changes in the UART library. Thanks in advance for any assistance. --Jon