Spritable Tilemap help

Hello again. I have a question.
Firstly about my goal. I need to repaint some parts of object. For example, draw over sprite images and counting how much percents I repainted already. I used to use some kind of invisible triggers. But here, In MakeCode Arcade, invisible sprite not interactable of course. So i decided put triggers with same color. So I need to put white square over white parts of image (not big image).
… And I didn`t know how to make game understand which parts of image are white (which coordinates needs to be used for spawn an white triggers)

So i decided to use tilemap, like in Warehouse (Updated)
And to make tiles smaller, I tried to use color-coded-tilemap and set 8x8 mode.
BUT. I need to detect which one tile I overlapping and change onli this tile to tile with another color.
Here I got 2 problems:

  1. I can change color only if tiles was created with wall (I DONT NEED WALLS ON THEM) cause In Scene category only wall-detecting block.
  2. In one time was changed all white-colored tiles instead of one tile hero`s sprite overlapped.

How to solve it?
Maybe there are easiest way?
NOTE: We talks about block-mode.

Use small tilemaps instead! @UnsignedArduino link!


It’s in my list :slight_smile:

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Omg, I already replaced all tilemaps with sprite-tilemaps.
Remaking all this again… :smiley:
But I had also a big fps drop, so I guess tilemaps will fix it.
at least I hope.
Thanks you, gonna to fix it again.

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