What happed!

what is this!!



happened to me Thats why I put all my games here or on a google docs

Looks like you disconnected from the internet… but how were your games wiped??

That happened to me a while ago, and it’s probably related to one (or all) of the following:
*Internet problems
*A glitch (reopen it)
*The app (wait for a bugfix)
Be careful with this, you don’t want to accidentally lose your code (it happens)

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I keep a folder on my computer with all the copies of my projects and update it anytime I do any significant progress. This way I can just use the latest version if I lose anything

Normally, I just reload the tab. It always works for me.

This happens when the browser doesn’t let us access the location where we store projects. I can’t really diagnose why this happens because it’s 100% up to the browser (is your computer low on disk space maybe?), but it’s unlikely that you’ll lose your projects. As @PixelDoodle mentioned, reloading the page should fix it. Worst case, try restarting your computer to make sure all of the browser processes are shut down.


oh my Chromebook is on low disk space so that helps