What is the error?

Where is the error?
Look at the “on button A pressed”

I’m guessing it’s in the else part of the block, where you’re comparing projectile 3 (which appears to be a sprite) with a number. If you hover your mouse over the exclamation point, does an error message pop up?

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Yes it did. Thanks! I did not notice that

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I cant seem to get of the ocean floor

and why do you have hearts AND a status bar and when you press A you damage yourself :rofl:

A is to shoot and the status bar is the ammo

You should look at the long code to see why it glitched

Are you using a computer?If you are not, the code is the the reason.

I like the game! you should try my skeleton Run. It is a race against time. Plus it is super hard but you can beat it.

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