CodeOS - The New Cboy

Does this mean Cboy is cancelled- after 10 months of production? No. Far from correct. The Cboy is now a relic, and pieces of my experience with it have been put into a new Operating System called CodeOS. CodeOS, the new Cboy. CodeOS will go under the same roots as Cboy and will have similar functionality. Become a developer for CodeOS and contribute to the builds!

All prior versions of Cboy and planned releases will be cancelled and dropped (Except for Cboy Pumpkin Pie and Cboy Azure).

I can’t wait to use the Newer Makecode Arcade with me. I really hope you guys can give advice and suchlike. @S0m3_random_guy really inspired me for a lot of stuff too. I hope that we can carry out the first ever Makecode Operating System and let it be reborn.


Thank you on those warm words! I would really like to release WindOS, but I have been delaying it because I wanted it to be perfect on first release. However I realized that I have kept everyone waiting for too long, and some people maybe even lost interest in the project. So, I will be releasing a side branch of WindOS, called WindOS basic, which is, well, a very bare-bones and basic version of the system (who could have guessed?). Sure, it may not be as advanced as the real deal (when that drops), but it most certaintly will give you a taste of what is upcoming for WindOS. I have also been thinking about rebranding WindOS, but that’s up for debate.

- S0m3_random_guy

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Lets do it.

  • Script/Programming
  • Music/Sounds
  • Assets
  • Tips

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What about releasing Alpha, Beta, or even Pre-Alpha Builds? Surely that might’ve helped people keep interest.

I can do the assets and art for CodeOS!!!


I’m doing scripts and programming.

How the CodeOS production going?

So, how is the project going? (by the way, im BebushVideos.)

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It’s going good, but I’ve begun progress on another OS, CreateOS.
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