Why is the Makecode Python compiler garbage?

The Python compiler is horrible and it barely works. I have a pretty solid PC and the compiler just freezez and refuses to compile? Also not to mention it’s missing half of the features - is it running Python 2.x??? I can’t use the ord() function, returning multiple values from a function is just plain broken, .lower() doesn’t seem to exist, .get() aswell, not to mention I can’t get items from a dictionary. Swithcing to blocks permanently bricks your code, making it unusable (you can’t switch back to Python). It’s extremely frustrating and counter-productive. Programs written in codeskulptor3, VSCode, OnlineGdb ect. will not compile due to some bogus compiling error that makes no sense. List comprehension, one of the most useful features also does not work. Code like this that should work completely normally in any other enviroment just straight up returns an error:

    "$": "DEF",
    "(": "LPAREN",
    ")": "RPAREN",
    "{": "LCPAREN",
    "}": "RCPAREN",
    "=": "EQUAL"

user_input = "$(function {param = abc})"

def Parser(text):
    tokens = []
    index = 0
    while index < len(text):
        char = text[index]
        if char in TOKENS: tokens.append(TOKENS[char])
        index += 1
    return tokens


This is driving me crazy please fix it asap.