Xenon 2 Megablast

Hello to all currently it has grabbed me again a small remake of my absolute shoot em up hit to create everything in blocks.

Attached is the first demo.
A big thanks goes to UnsignedArduino for the tool to convert the midi files (music).

Currently I am facing several problems.

-The enemies should come in groups and follow a path which I want to set for each spawn separately.

-Projectiles should fly through walls and enemies as well.

-Menu animation I will still adapt.

-Perhaps I will go to 8x8 Tiles so that the scale is right again. But here the resolution will suffer quite a bit

-Currently it does not run on real hardware (except pi).
maybe it’s possible to optimize the whole thing but i think the amount of sprites doesn’t allow it.


Wow - that’s really impressive. Two questions and an idea:

I see you’re using an extension called Musical Images. I haven’t seen that before. Do you have a link to documentation about it?

How did you set the custom colour palette?

Idea re hardware support: At a glance I can’t tell what’s preventing the game from working on hardware, but it appears you have only 18 or 19 sprites on screen at once, which doesn’t feel like a dealbreaker to me. Perhaps shave that down a bit, but also make bells and whistles like the paralax scrolling background only turn on if you’re not on a gaming device? Just an idea.

Love the game!

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The music is probably the reason why it doesn’t work on hardware because when I took it off, it worked. Also, while trying to optimize it, I made an effect that looks really cool and runs on hardware. Hardware doesn’t like the scrolling background for some reason and just crashes, but the effect that I made (using 1x1 sprites) works. Here’s the version that runs on hardware:

Also, as @edubsky said, how did you get the custom color palette? Also, @edubsky, that extension is actually on a post from @UnsignedArduino.

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Yea I did not optimize the music player for hardware lol.

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custom color has been discussed here on the forum many times.
Music is discussed in the Musi thread by UnsignedArduino.

the performens went well until i integrated the statusbar addon since then it is no longer possible to play on real hardware.
the music is not the problem!

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sorry, but i looked through your code (blocks and javascript), but i couldn’t find anything that would have set a custom colour palette in your game