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I’m looking to utilise Arcade Makecode across a number of different classes. What would you suggest is the most effective way of saving code? I don’t believe students can log into Microsoft with their school email and they will likely always use a different laptop when coding. Is the best way to simply download the code at the end of each session?


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Welcome, @Mrdilizio!

The projects that are created in MakeCode (all versions, not just Arcade) are stored in the browser’s local storage. MakeCode does not connect to a Microsoft account, so you cannot store projects in the cloud (at least, not directly).

If your students are able to connect to their Microsoft accounts and your organization has OneDrive enabled, your students can store their projects there. Otherwise, there’s always the tried-and-true USB flash drive. Your students also could try GitHub (or some other code repository that uses git).

Because the code is stored in the browser’s local storage, if your students are sharing laptops, they’ll also be sharing their code. Just something to keep in mind.

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Correct, we currently don’t support program cloud storage.

You can share the program at the end of the session and save the URL somewhere. You can then load it using the Import button.

Another option is to save it as you suggest. Note that if you copy the file to a makecode device (except for microbit) you can also load it back from device using current.uf2 file.

Finally, for more advanced users you can use our integration, see and ignore the bits that talk about extensions.

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The program is also stored in each screenshot (in the pixels of the PNG image).

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