[Announcement] Collaborative Game Week Day 1

Hey folks!

@shakao, @jwunderl, @livcheerful and I started part 1 of our collaborative game on stream today and now we’re opening the floor for you to submit assets for us to include in the game! Anyone who submits content that we use will be included in the credits of the final game (which we should be posting some time next week).

If you weren’t able to tune into the stream today, our game is about an adorable pangolin (look them up) who is being raised by a town of armadillos in the American southwest. The courageous heroine will be going out on a quest to bring back water for her community.

Today we are asking for some desert themed assets. That could include:

  • Tiles/Tilemaps - We’re using 16x16 tiles and the normal arcade colors
  • Enemy Images - What kind of enemies could be in a desert? Sentient cacti? Angry dust devils? Mirages? Feel free to get creative! These should be 32x32 and use the normal arcade colors
  • Music - We need music for our game! If you have an idea of how the song could be used, include that too!

That’s it! We’ll be making a new post like this every day after stream to get more assets. Thanks for participating!

p.s. I’ll try to make this post faster tomorrow to give folks more time (sorry I got distracted)


WAIT no CHUPACABRA yesssssssss use a chupacabra



Some music - it’s not the best but that’s what I came up with lol.

Don’t forget to define stop_music globally and you can set it to true whenever you want the music to halt. When the song plays again, it will automatically reset.


Here is some sprite art and tiles!


I made some enemy assets for the pangolin game!


these are good! and welcome to the community :grin:

Chupicabra with animtions

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running amination

we need @maxxkao for art

@richard I have a link to some enemy concept art: https://makecode.com/_D8gebTU3X3wH I know its very big but its just a concept. I was inspired by Minecraft’s Nether blaze enemies (idk their name) and the FireAnt. Think of it as a pangolin that looks like its made out of fire and can summon fire balls. You might wanna scale it down in the final version. I would like this to be a mini boss or something.

Can you use these?

They are dessert hares.


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you got it right, they are called blazes