[Announcement] Collaborative Game Week Day 4

Hey folks!

@jwunderl, @livcheerful and I started part 4 of our collaborative game on stream today and now we’re opening the floor for you to submit assets for us to include in the game! Anyone who submits content that we use will be included in the credits of the final game (which we should be posting some time next week).

The battle minigame in our game is really getting to be pretty exciting! Keep up the good work!

Today we are asking for some tile and enemy assets.

As a reminder: please only submit assets that you drew from scratch! We want to make sure we give credit to all of the artists whose work shows up in our game. Please do not try to copy someone else’s art or use pixel art image converters

The kinds of assets we’re looking for are:

  • Enemy images - What kind of enemies live in a desert or like to hoard water? These should be 32x32 and use the normal arcade colors. If you can, also include an 8x8 version for use in the battle minigame.
  • Tiles - We need desert and oasis themed tiles for building out our world. Have an idea for another area to be added to the game like a cave or weird sky palace? Give us those too! Tiles should be 16x16 and use the normal arcade colors.

That’s it! We’ll be making a new post like this every day after stream to get more assets. Thanks for participating!


I have some enemy assets and a backdrop for the minigame. I HAVE NOT USED REFERENCES. ALL SIMILARITIES ARE PURELY COINCIDENTAL.

I would be incredibly happy if any assets made it into the game. All art assets have descriptions attached as comments.

All feedback and comments are welcome. This is my first time really trying to do something good with pixel art


I made some new tiles and added a rattlesnake!


drink that water


I made a mini enemy path for the dust bunny:
q -30 -10 -30 15, q -30 -10 -30 15, q -30 10 -30 -15, q -30 10 -30 -15
I ran it at 400 ms, but any number will work


Here it is!

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Sorry for the typo. I meant 4000 ms : )