[Announcement] Collaborative Game Week Day 2

Hey folks!

@shakao, @jwunderl, @livcheerful and I started part 2 of our collaborative game on stream today and now we’re opening the floor for you to submit assets for us to include in the game! Anyone who submits content that we use will be included in the credits of the final game (which we should be posting some time next week).

We got some awesome assets yesterday, so keep it up!

Today we are asking for some town themed assets. That could include:

  • Tiles/Tilemaps - We’re using 16x16 tiles and the normal arcade colors
  • Enemy Images - What kind of enemies are around town? Sentient trash cans? House plants? Armadillo pets? Feel free to get creative! Also include a line about their motivations/mood if you don’t mind. These should be 32x32 and use the normal arcade colors
  • Armadillo Images - Armadillo townsfolk! Give us a 16x16 image with normal arcade colors and let us know a bit about your character. What’s their name? Are they related to Persephone? Anything bothering them today?

That’s it! We’ll be making a new post like this every day after stream to get more assets. Thanks for participating!

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Might be a little too small… :confused:


i am dead this is so cute


Can you use these?

They are desert hares.



I made a bunch of concept art things. Descriptions provided as comments for each sprite. Look in edit code please. https://makecode.com/_8fXK4cPWi0Dg

Maybe add a secret easter egg…

I made some armadillos for the town. I wrote about the armadillos in the comments on their variables.


So I was just working on art when something weird happened… I set the barrel to spawn on the barrel spawn tile… but it spawns on another tile… idk what is happening…

Here is the Sandwitch!

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