[Announcement] May Game Jam Theme Hint #1

May Game Jam Theme Hint #1

As promised, we’re dropping hints for the next Game Jam theme in the form of Arcade games made by our team during our daily Arcade live stream!:joystick::medal_sports:

Each game incorporates the theme somehow👀

Let’s see if you can figure out the theme🔍

Read more about the game jam in our announcement and on the official site.

- The MakeCode Team


My guess is something to do with time but that’s too obvious :thinking:

Aggghhhhh reverse reverse reverse psychology kicking in…


i agree but i also maybe think it has to do with sports or music or dancing because in the stream they did today was kinda about that and i also agree with egotube


I feel like theme is a second chance game? I dont know…

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Platforming? Just kidding lol

I say the theme is to trick the sprite? Cuz the only way to get pass the first few enemies is to trick them.

If not I agree with @UnsignedArduino about reversed psychology.

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ok so lately they have been doing

racing games[/spoiler] so i say its about [spoiler]racing games? or something like that

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during our daily Arcade live stream!
What? so some hints will be in some streams or what? I dont get it…

Perhaps the theme could be rewind, but I doubt that since one of the biggest game jams (Brackeys Game Jam 2020.2) already did that, and people could just steal all of the ideas.

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Hey @richard, is the latest version of the Rewind game (the one you worked on the last stream) playable?

@omnisImperium just posted it here: Arcade Advanced Stream #243 - Rewind Redux Pt. 1

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Wait, tricking enemies, puzzles, gadget like behaviour, this might be what I was asking for! A spy game jam!

Thanksss! Also give reyechard a beard and headphones…Totally not based on someone)

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this is suspicious…this must be how you look like!

it’s obvious you would want to have a spy game jam because you are an agent just like in your name

ok now i think i know what’s the game jam it’s maybe about sports because lately they have been doing sport games like that soccer game,that football game,that racing game,that marching game and more sport games but i don’t know actually


They said they will announce it a week before it starts and that was supposed to be in april 26 but its stll not revealed!

@EgeoTube sorry! Plan is to reveal on Friday.