[Announcement] MakeCode Arcade Mini Game Jam #9 - Collect-a-Jam

…what’s a game jam? (sorry I’m new :sweat_smile:)

@VerticalBoosts haha… yup

Game Jams are events that we hold on the first Monday of every month where we ask everyone to make a game that follows a certain theme. There are no winners or losers in Mini Game Jams, they’re just meant to be fun and spark creativity! At the end, we play all of the games on our Twitch livestream at twitch.tv/msmakecode

If you want to try it out, there happens to be one going on right now!


Oh… thank you! It sounds really good!

Rush here was inspired by @InvalidProject99 s games

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Oh no! I won’t have enough time to post anything! :stuck_out_tongue:
Maybe next month, I can post a game for the mini game jam!


No I was talking about the game I made here called Rush that was inspired by your games

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Yeah, I know, but I wont have anytime to post for the Mini Game Jam for last month

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