[Announcement] Online multiplayer is now available in beta!

Hey folks!

The MakeCode team is happy to announce that online multiplayer is now available on the MakeCode Arcade beta site!

That’s right, multiplayer games no longer require you to share a keyboard and a computer; up to 4 players can play a game together from anywhere in the world! We’d like to ask for your help in testing this new feature.

Please note that multiplayer is still very much a work in progress! Remember to make copies of your important games before opening them in the beta site. Likewise, if you are coding a game in beta then be sure to download your work frequently to avoid losing progress. If you find any issues or bugs, report them to us on GitHub or tag @eanders or @jwunderl in a post to this forum.

Making a multiplayer game

Making an online multiplayer game is easy! Multiplayer blocks can be found in the Controller and Info categories of the toolbox. If you’ve made local multiplayer games in arcade before, then you will be using the exact same blocks to make online games.

Likewise, all of your existing local multiplayer games should automatically work as online games. If they don’t, please let us know!

Hosting a game for others to play

Once you have a game to play, there are two ways to host a session for others to join:

Option 1: Use an existing share link

  1. Go to https://arcade.makecode.com/beta--multiplayer

  2. Click “Host Game”

  3. Paste the share link to your game into the text box

  4. Click “Launch” to start a game session

  5. Send the link and join code that appears to your friends!

Option 2: Share your project from beta

Warning: opening a project in beta can be dangerous! Always make a duplicate of your project on the non-beta arcade site before using beta!

  1. Go to https://arcade.makecode.com/beta

  2. Open your project (see above warning)

  3. Click the share button in the top bar and share your project

  4. In the last page of the share dialog, click the red button on the far right to start a game session

  5. Send the link and join code that appears to your friends!

Joining a hosted game

Did someone send you a join code for a MakeCode game? Follow these steps to join their game:

  1. Go to https://arcade.makecode.com/beta--multiplayer

  2. Paste the join code into the text box

  3. Click “Enter” to join the game

Known bugs

  • Player 1 needs to keep the game window focused when playing, otherwise it can lead to lag. Keep the game window active and don’t switch applications while hosting a game session

This is revolutionary, woah

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IF this works for Escape, then I might be able to just remove a bit of stuff.

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lets go!

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veeeerryyyy interestingggg

but it’s very nice that you added multiplayer (online)

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This is so cool, I’m adding this to Erde!

The stream chat was a bunch of links to multi player games lol

Audio now getting piped through so @UnsignedArduino feel free to host a concert with your midi music and see how it is :stuck_out_tongue:


Is the lag better now?


I also stress-tested it with a pretty complex song and I’m very impressed with the latency! (Although, I only tested with a blank no-action screen, plus only one other player so I don’t know if perf will degrade with more players, plus my computer and phone were connected to the same WiFi network so we are probably connected to the same servers)


LETS totally kid friendly word GOOOOOOOO


Thank you for an amazing feature and work!!!

And nice and explanatory stream, as well!: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1639847555


Looking for a game to play in multiplayer?

Well, let me suggest PERFECT FIT:


THAT GUY is T Posing lol


I was wondering if maybe we could also have a blocks API for sending messages over JACDAC. (although isn’t that still on the back burner???) So it would work on hardware or the simulator. Instead of plugging physical cords into a hardware device, you can still do the same “share code” and then any two programs can work, as long as they both have code to use the JACDAC API. This could be a more flexible alternative.


this is so cool

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oh my i cant wait to make a multiplayer right now

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This is sooooooo cool that we can fight each other at home!!!

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