Can you help me

Can anyone help me with making this prehistoric game, I know the jam is over but I want to finish it.


What do you want help on?

I’ve also got an unfinished prehistoric game lol

Welcome! I can’t offer help, but good luck :slight_smile:

how can we help you?

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lol, i cant help you unless you post the link and what you need help with

Um…sure, but I am only good in certain areas of coding- :sweat_smile: What do you need help with?

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Yeah I can help

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I’m sorry I didn’t see them, I was at school… :sweat_smile: anyway I need help with making this monkey who found a time machine and I need some ideas for the levels and I need code for letting the monkey go through ONLY after he defeated all the enemies.

I wanna help!

I literally found a post for this TODAY
Help with counting the number of enemies killed

the monkey will be traveling in the time, right?

yes, it will, and im writing an extension for extra blocks for the sprites category here is what im at: and some of the blocks are from sprite util but a lot of them I came up with.

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1 block is from sprite util

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