Controller for KittenBot Future Board?

Is there a controller I can use for the Future Board that has at least a D-Pad or a Joystick? I’d like to write programs for it that use up, down, left, and right buttons to make the user interface easier to use (Storage expansion support and more memory than the MeowBit) Sorry if this isn’t the right place but it’s the only one I could think of that’s active.

Maybe the JoyFrog will work but on the official Discord server of KittenBot, someone asked if the Future Board supports the JoyFrog, then someone else said “Not yet.” (This was in 2020). Also, it would be great if the controller is able to snap on or connect to the pins of the Future Board. Thanks!

Actually, that might not be able to connect to the Future Board due to being blocked from the case of the Future Board.

On the pin connecter there is a bulge that almost covers the bottom of the device, and that bulge might prevent the pins from getting connected due to being blocked to the hard blue case of the Future Board.