Help with raspberry pi 0 download

@richard or whoever can help me, how do you download a game to a raspberry pi 0

You need to setup the raspberry pi by installing a new OS. Here are the Adafruit instructions for doing so:

Or if you’re making you’re own cabinet, you can use this guide:

thank you!

Hi @richard,

An observant player of MC Arcade games on the RPi Zero discovered that the /sd/arcade.cfg on the Joy Bonnet includes one different scan codes from the regular EV_KEY buttons that config files for all the other RPi hardware projects have:


Could you please elaborate on this?:

  1. Does this support EV_ABS directional joystick/axes controls?
  2. How to find the 0x48 address for a controller?
  3. Could this, maybe with other address, work for other handheld controller casings than the Joy Bonnet, for instance the GamePi20?

Ah, this is a question for @mmoskal

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This is i2c device address. Depends on the i2c ADC chip used. This is for direct hardware access not through the /dev/input.

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:+1: Thanks!