Kiddo - Adventure/Survival

Put together a game for my kid for Christmas.
Grab your backpack and walking stick. Hack bushes, beat-up forest animals and collect garbage. Get all the trash and beat-up all the beasts to get the prize.

P.S. Does anyone know how to see logs for issues loading to a Pybadge? I’m assuming the game is too large but it the UF2 seems to flash and then it never loads.


I don’t think you can beat the bear. I have spammed the attack button with full health and he killed me still.

You should be able to kill him by just standing in one spot and swinging. Just make sure the trekking pole is actually hitting him. You should see a slight knockback for each hit, but there is a delay on each successful hit. You do receive some tasty bear meat after killing him, which will restore food and health.

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Hi Andrew,

I have to agree with @Agent_14, the bear was ravenous and tore me to shreds :grinning:

The game works on my PyGamer.

I have noticed some strange behavior getting some of my games to load on my PyGamer. When copying the .uf2 file across (or downloading via the editor), the PyGamer screen just flashes and goes back to the boot loader screen. For a game that did not use a tilemap, I created a new project (one that was never published), added all the extensions, copied/pasted the Javascript and got it working that way.

For another game that does use a tilemap (which does not upload), I cannot do the same approach as the tiles are kept in two files ‘tilemap.g.ts’ and ‘tilemap.g.jres’ which cannot be edited. So even though I can create them myself, I cannot copy/paste the values over to the new project.

I suspect that certain games are too large (even though I can get them to compile) and do not upload to my PyGamer. I have posted issues with Adafruit. However, others said they were able to load my game onto their device. It seems to be hit and miss.