Long-term MakeCode projects using Assignments in Teams


This is more of a teaching question. My class and I are now moving on to a completing a platform game over a number of weeks. Each week I want to build on their skills (and project) by adding new content.

My plan is for them to build their games over a number of weeks with weekly submission for their games for ongoing feedback via MS teams. However, I am concerned that by using the Aracade via Teams once the children have submitted their work, they will not be able to return to it in the next week and build on it further.

Has anyone any experience of this?


Using GitHub is the best solution here. The implementation on MakeCode arcade’s end is great. Students do need to sign up for GitHub first though.

I posted a pdf guide to making a platform game on my Tiny Wizards show and tell post for my own students. Please feel free to use them.

Hey Laura - if you want a low tech approach with a little more back-end effort on your part then you might be interested in what has been working for us.

We have been making a platformer, over a series of weeks, and at the end of each class we have the students “share” their projects and send us the URL. We take the URL and save it to a spreadsheet with the date. We also instruct the students to save their projects to the local PCs/Chromebook/Mac. In the next class, the students just open their saved code, but if somehow it has been lost we simply give them the URL from our spreadsheet. Added bonus - we can also give them their last “working” code if they accidentally make some catastrophic change, mid-class, that is too hard to “undo”.

Nothing fancy, but it’s been working well for us.

Also, don’t forget: the save button in makecode generates a PNG that can be used to restore the game. You can just drag/drop the file (or use the Import button) to get a fresh copy of it back into makecode.

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