Google users?


I work in a Google district and I’m wondering if there are any educators in the forum who also use Google and found an easy way to create student accounts in MakeCode or at least for students to log in and save their work from week to week.

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Hi, Stacia!

If your district does not issue Microsoft accounts (and your students don’t otherwise normally have them), then there are several other ways for students to save their work.

Students can download their projects and store them in, say, Google Drive to work on them elsewhere. Students can submit their projects in the same way, by placing the downloaded image in, say, Google Classroom or an LMS that your district uses.

If your district takes advantage of the GitHub Campus Program, then students can use GitHub to store and share their work.

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I’ve had students work in Makecode arcade on Chromebooks. Whenever they logged back in and went to the Makecode arcade thier games were still there (they never signed in with a Microsoft account). I think Makecode arcade projects are automatically saved to the browser they were made in, so they’ll be there as long as you don’t delete your cookies or history (I could be wrong).

Also, there is an offline version of Makecode Arcade arcade that they could store their projects in.

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I typically rely on the browser saving a student’s work as GoMustangs mentioned.

I sometimes create a Google Form where students can publish a link to their game and then share it through the form just so I have a backup version of their game in the event the browser memory is cleared and they lose their work.

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Thank you for your responses. I’ll test out these options and see which works best. Much appreciation!

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Related, we also have a tutorial video on how to create MakeCode assignments in google classroom:

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