Minecraft Arcade V1.2

This is my version of Minecraft in Arcade but with a few tweaks! I admit it isn’t even a quarter finished but I felt I should share it!


  • Perfected startup animation, now switches to same colour as background at end of animation.
  • Changed the colour of the map’s sky
  • Working on Steve skin and walk + jump (maybe crouch) animations.

NB (you don’t need to read this if you don’t want :wink: ): This game is a long-term project that I plan to make and perfect and I would like to make it clear that you can volunteer ideas but I won’t need help directly unless I ask so PLEASE don’t spend your time making your own version of the game to help me! Like I already said, you can do this only if I asked for help. Just making sure :slight_smile:

Enjoy what little has changed!


Sorry guys for the late release! Minecraft Arcade should be posted in a few hours :slightly_smiling_face: