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Then I think the team has answered your question during the stream. You will find the answers in livcheerful’s second last post 22 hours ago.

Dialogue tends to be one of the “cheapest” (in terms of performance budget) gameplay elements. I doubt you could come up with enough dialogue to slow down the game!


Am I somewhat right in saying that date/time is not supported in Arcade, because not all devices have a system clock?

Hello. Is there any way a tile cannot cover the entire tile? For example, if I want to create a ramp tile that a sprite can run-up, is there any way the wall will only cover the ramp and leave the empty space.

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Is there any way how I can make my games online multiplayer? Like among us. One player can generate a code or number that other players can enter and join an online multiplayer game. The two players can be in different contries.


What is your favorite collection of blocks? What is your favorite game? (does not have to be made in makecode acade.)

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I meant wall cannot cover the entire tile

I am pretty sure that what you are asking is not possible. When a sprite overlaps a tile set with a wall, then it overlaps the left, right, top or bottom dimensions of the tile, even if the tile has transparent color. You could try this, create a tile that has one colored pixel at the bottom, set it to have a wall, jump on top of it, and you should be floating in the air.

What you could try, is something that I made in the game below, and that is that the player overlaps a sprite which is the ground. In the game I demonstrate it is not moving up a hill, as the ground is flat and just moves to the left, but the same principle could apply if you drew the sprite at a angle and got the correct amount of x,y velocity to make it look like a hill.

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Is it possible to have more than 16 colors in the sprite editor? If yes, than how do I do it?

Thanks, but I want the player to be able to run/slide up/down a ramp or be able to create ramps and pyramid-like structures.

Could you add this in as a feature, please? Thank you

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how often will you guys do the help desk stream?

What if you try using @cosmoscowboy’s idea of sprites, and also using the sprite grid extension to snap the pyramid type structures to the grid.

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I think I understand where you are coming from. Would you move the character over the grid diagonally? Something like this?

[] [x]
[x] []

The only issue what I have found with the grid extension, is that the character moves instantly to the next grid position, so it is not moving via velocity.

I put up a new thread to collect questions! But if you already posted in this one, don’t worry – I’ll collect from this thread as well for the next stream :smiley: But try to direct people to the other one if you caaaaaaaaan~~~

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we’re going to try to do a stream whenever we have enough questions to fill an hour :smiley:


How about this?

This is using a tilemap and NO walls. Since each tile is 16x16 pixels, I created the illusion of a slope by drawing a straight line, from the bottom left corner and then vertically up 4 pixels. The next tile starts at 4 pixels high, and go up another 4 pixels. So in total there are 4 tiles, laid out 5 times.

There are two other ‘X’ tiles to use as ‘locations’. For each ‘location’ tile, I create a sprite (the flag) and place the sprite on top of the tile. The X tile is set to be transparent so you cannot set it. Each location sprite is added to an array. The player is set to follow the first ‘location’ sprite in the array.

In a game update, I check if the player overlaps a flag, in that case remove the sprite from the array, check if there are still more locations, and if so, move the player again to the next location in the array.

This is just an idea to illustrate the possibility. Unfortunately, the player is not able to move along the line itself. Maybe that is something that the @livcheerful MakeCode team could demonstrate in the next stream. :wink:


hill runner (

This also demonstrates a similar example. The player follows a path by finding a pixel in the background containing a color. Again, you cannot move the player, but you can jump.


Here is my beta version of ramps:


I finally got around to making something where the player moves freely over sprites:

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