Pi Zero Rainbow Screen

I am trying to set up a Pi Zero W2 following Adafruits guide. I am just getting the “rainbow” pi screen and no green light. Any thoughts on what I should do to change it?

I have another card formatted for retropi arcade and it is working fine. I am using a kit from pi hut using the power cord, HDMI, and a SanDisk SD card

Welcome, @MrPhillips !

The Pi Zero 2 is a different architecture compared to the original Pi Zero, so the image probably will not work. You might want to try the image for the Raspberry Pi 3A+. It’s closer to the architecture for the Pi Zero 2; you may have better luck with that.

Thank you for the suggestion. I gave it a quick try but it did not work. I will play around with uncommenting some of the display settings and see if I can get that to work

I was not able to get it to work. I will just have to look into getting a zero since I have no programming experience. Thanks

Hi @MrPhillips,

Have you tried running your MakeCode Arcade games on your RetroPie card on Zero2?:

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I tried, but to be honest it was a bit above my head haha. I ended up buying a pi zero and that worked just fine


Hehe, good for you!!! :wink:

-One can never have too many of those small and super computers…

Thanks for your feedback and don’t hesitate to open an issue at GitHub if you ever feel the urge to attempt to play your MakeCode Arcade games from within RetroPie/Recalbox.

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