Sprites disappeared from assets

One of my students created a great game with custom sprites. She was signed in and gave names to each sprite. For no apparent reason, all of the sprites disappeared from her Assets, and she was left with a dozen empty unnamed sprites. Why did that happen, and how can it be avoided in the future?

I’m very sorry this happened to your student. It’s so disheartening to lose work. Investigating this issue, we found a bug in the save system that would only affect signed in users. It could potentially erase project contents. This might have been the cause of your student’s data loss. A fix was deployed today. Please let us know if you experience any more problems of this nature!

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Is there any chance you can restore her data?

Thank you. Ironic that I have been telling my students to sign in or they could lose their work…

The nature of this bug was to delete project data, so I’m inclined to think the data is lost. I will DM you my @microsoft.com email from the MakeCode Admin account and we can investigate it further.