Tutorial Storage on Github


I’m creating A LOT of tutorials and would like to be able to organize them in one github repository under separate directories, but I cannot get the links to work. For example, my link is something like:

https://[editor url]/#tutorial:[GitHub repository url]/Lesson2/[filename]

Is there a way I should structure my repo so this works?


Hmmm. Now it is working. I guess there must have been some caching issues with github. I’m assuming I can just provide the complete paths to markdown files and they will try to be rendered as tutorials?

Yep, the full path to the markdown should load the tutorial! I think you’re right, it was probably a caching issue–we’re trying to improve this process for tutorial creators, so feel free to file issues on Github if/when you run into them!

I have a small sample repo here: https://github.com/shakao/pxt-tutorial-sample that also gives instructions on how to create a release, which should reduce the amount of time you have to wait for cache.