Wierd question

ok, so is there a way to make a block in the tilemap visible but make it invisible for in the level such as if i had a line of green blocks that when touched will do something but i dont want their to be random green blocks i want them to be invisible so the player cant see it.

basically is there a way to turn blocks invisible?

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I doubt so. From my experience, if a box or something is invisible, the collision shape doesn’t exist anymore. So it has to have a shape, otherwise, the box won’t collide properly with the player.

For example, if u drew a dot, the player will ignore all the empty space and will only interact with the sprite when the player reaches the dot.

(Haha sorry I’m using Godot terms)

replacing the blocks with a transparent block

you could do something like this:

You can do this to make things invisible and do stuff



haha im not sure if you know about Godot but its the main game engine I use nowadays. so a lot of coding knowledge I have is from Godot

Just use the wall tool.

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oh no why did i miss that :sob:

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this isnt exactly what i need but i love it and i used it to make this https://arcade.makecode.com/S16588-72360-26604-75431 do you know what to do to add a 2.5d perspective look to it

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i mean these aswers are great and all but not exactly what im tring to say

i mean lets say i have a game and everytime my player gets hit by n enemy i want to place the player on a random green block and ui have green blocks placed in random places across the level but when the player appears on the green block i dont want a random green square block or whatever i want a transparent bloc on the simulator but on the level deitor its a green block

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wait that exist why do i have to put walls MANUALLY

Make a duplicate of a ground block but add just a tiny detail on it so only you can recognise it

if you make a tile with some parts of it the background color and other parts transparent it will look like the background. i have figured out other ways of stuff like this and have some more complicated ideas if you need them.