Hidden Tiles?

Evening All,

Is it possible to make a specific tile invisible? My goal:

  1. Platform game
  2. A few platforms are guarded by enemies that move back and forth
    See Mad Duck: https://makecode.com/_6vFDJaTdT6Ac
  3. In GameMaker, I could create invisible objects that when the enemy collides with, sends them the opposite direction, prevents hard-coding a bunch of custom X turnaround locations. I’d like a Mad Duck on platforms of various heights and locations.
  4. I had success making this work in Arcade, but the tile is visible. I want it to be a unique tile, but invisible. Also, not a wall as it should not affect my main character or other sprites.


Using the tilemap extension, you can use your visible tile method, but cover it with a tile that matches the background.

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