AMONG US (Work in Progress)

Try code academy.

I am like a combo of both of you. Good at coding and pixel art lol

Nice, I have an OC as profile picture.

Hey, @DahbixLP, remember how Among us is “broken” well…

It is not, well it is, but I know how to fix it. You go BACK to the latest one that is NOT broken, and continue off of that one, did you already do that, if you started from scratch, then you don’t have to!!!

I made a new one (Among us the game) I made it smaller and better! I am still working on it!

I believe the latest version is being worked on here: Among Us The Game

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That looks really cool can you make one with that character? PLZ

Is this one for @Colethewolf? if it is it’s still nice.

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Hey that’s some nice art.

great. You and I can talk more about among us

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Hi! And welcome to the community! I have a more recent Among us! (Search Among Us The Game!) Have a great day!

oh,i will make another among us,maze but please tell me how to do multiplayer.

Can you add Maps pls.

Hello! Welcome to the Forums! Unfortunalety this project is more or less over bc there was too many errors and stuff! Thanks for playing it but I will not work on it anymore! I hope you understand!

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cool game great job

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oh and one more thing DahbixLP I have the broken version in blocks so the broken version in blocks

hey DahbixLP why did you just leave your game cause of bugs? it is hard to make a game. just think how many bugs are in the real among us. DahbixLP you can make among us! and if you will not i will.

The game was getting too big for makecode and it was too hard to support. Sometimes it’s just not as easy as it seems

but still make it till you permanently break it

hey @DahbixLP can i work on your game?