AMONG US (Work in Progress)

Ahh sorry I missed this, @DahbixLP did you have a link to the broken version? I can probably at least get it back to blocks for you :slight_smile: (though if you were wanting to continue to develop with that, it is enough blocks that it’s a bit painful to make changes / perf is an issue; it might be a good time to see if some portions can be separated out into extensions / etc, but that might be a bit hard if you don’t have experience with that – eventually we need much better support for larger block projects)

Here it is

(the crewmate role is broken (the lights out is the problem))

Yes I do! The cause is the lantern extension… So of course I wanted to update it… I went to Javasript and pressed the update button… Code getting loaded… still error… It did not update … I can not update the extensions anymore… So I removed the lantern blocks from my code (The lantern blocks were used for the lights sabotaged thing where you see nothing and you have to fix them!) It was set to be random so sometimes the Lights went out so you have to fix them… It is not that important and it works fine without that! But I currently am working on another project (ocean jam)! It would be great if you could update my extensions and then put it back into blocks so I can start coding it again! Btw! Is ther a way to reduce lag? Also… I think this is the most commented topic… I just realised that… anyway the first thing I will do is make the code smaller (with functions). I am not that experienced with functions tho … so I will probably ask a lot of questions!

I loved that game, sorry to hear that


@Kat, @DahbixLP haha. it is always good to have a laugh on this forum. plus, your so talented @DahbixLP.

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@DahbixLP Soo sad to hear that :frowning: i loved this topic/game.


Don’t be sad, I will try to continue this, even if I have to do it from scratch. @DahbixLP, I am trying to start this again!

cool! thank you.

Try code academy.

I am like a combo of both of you. Good at coding and pixel art lol

Nice, I have an OC as profile picture.

Hey, @DahbixLP, remember how Among us is “broken” well…

It is not, well it is, but I know how to fix it. You go BACK to the latest one that is NOT broken, and continue off of that one, did you already do that, if you started from scratch, then you don’t have to!!!

I made a new one (Among us the game) I made it smaller and better! I am still working on it!

I believe the latest version is being worked on here: Among Us The Game

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That looks really cool can you make one with that character? PLZ

Is this one for @Colethewolf? if it is it’s still nice.

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Hey that’s some nice art.

great. You and I can talk more about among us

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Hi! And welcome to the community! I have a more recent Among us! (Search Among Us The Game!) Have a great day!

oh,i will make another among us,maze but please tell me how to do multiplayer.