AMONG US (Work in Progress)

Can you add Maps pls.

Hello! Welcome to the Forums! Unfortunalety this project is more or less over bc there was too many errors and stuff! Thanks for playing it but I will not work on it anymore! I hope you understand!

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cool game great job

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oh and one more thing DahbixLP I have the broken version in blocks so the broken version in blocks

hey DahbixLP why did you just leave your game cause of bugs? it is hard to make a game. just think how many bugs are in the real among us. DahbixLP you can make among us! and if you will not i will.

The game was getting too big for makecode and it was too hard to support. Sometimes it’s just not as easy as it seems

but still make it till you permanently break it

hey @DahbixLP can i work on your game?

i’m pretty sure he already stated that he did not want anyone to work on the game. and just as a side note, I don’t speak for DahbixLP

You are free to work on my game but just remember that it is my game and if you publish it please keep in mind that you just dont act like its yours when you do so! (Just write that you just expanded it and that its from me) Also keep in mind that the code is rather old which means that it might not work as well as it used to… Also it is broken mosty and makecode cant support such huge projects and it is impossible to finish thinkng of making dozens of minigames that each have to be perfect! Do what you wanna do with it I am not working on it anymore… Btw if you dont know what certain things do dont ask me I dont know either…My own code confuses me! Anyway! Thanks for the compliments and have fun!

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Sadly makecode wont be able to support such a big project yet… I tried twice but it always failed to bugs. I tried fixing the bugs but for each bug I fixed more appeared until I could not convert it to blocks anymore and I had made much progress…

Well it kinda is especially bc I have no idea of what anything does bc thats been a long time ago