[Announcement] MakeCode Arcade Mini Game Jam #2 - Submission thread!

Submit your projects here!

For more information on the jam, check out the topic here:


arcade-Capturing-Wildlife (2)
In this leisurely Wildlife Photographer simulator, earn points by capturing animals (on film of course!)


The link for my game: https://makecode.com/_2e6i6c5R9CFX


Here is mine

it’s a sim for random things you do in life


Its an ocean cleaning simulator that I made for the previous game jam (so why not use it again)


Here’s my entry, Fire Rescue Chopper:

You’re flying an experimental helicopter with automatic terrain avoidance, so you won’t crash, but the control response is unusual. Sorry, it’s an emergency situation, you’ll have to deal with it as best you can.

The A button (Space) increases lift, and the B button (Enter or E) drops water. Use the minimap to help with aiming.

Thanks to @UnsignedArduino for the seeded random number generator extension which was very helpful for procedural generation.

Sorry, the game is likely to be unusably slow on hardware due to extensive floating point math. I may revisit it to convert it to fixed point math after the game jam is over.


Here is my game! Its 2 am rn and I just finished it so expect bugs!
Its a game where you repair a “Sneezean” (not Nissan) R36 (not R35) which you found in your grandfathers old car shop! Order and replace parts!

Quick shopping list for you! Order everything once apaert from Spark plugs! You have to order 2 of them!
Ignore that some of the stuff doesnt make sense (for example the piston is facing the wrong direction and stuff) its not 100% accurate but its the best I could do as a somewhat rusted coder as I didnt code in some time… Hope you enjoy!
(Also report bugs if you find any Im too tired to do that lol)


im very creative


@richard when will you be playing these games
On stream

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Here is my submission! It’s a simulator of a reel-to-reel tape machine!

A - play tape
B - pause tape
Right - fast forward
Left - rewind
Down - reverse
Menu - enter/exit record mode

When in record mode, press A/B and the direction buttons to record new notes!

Also, just like a real reel-to-reel you can listen to the music in super speed as it rewinds and fast forwards

The tape is 1 minute long. You can blank out the tape by recording and not pressing any buttons. The recording always overwrites the existing recording, but maybe i’ll add overdubbing at some point! Also, I’ve only tested this on the pygamer, but other hardware can probably handle it; it uses a lot of memory :slight_smile:

If you’re wondering, the initial recording on the tape is the beginning of Gymnopedie No. 1 by Erik Satie. I wrote a script to parse it from a midi file that I got from here.


Either Friday or Wednesday! I need to talk to @jwunderl and see when he can make it


That’s so cool!

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A farming simulator where you play as a mini person (and I used the mini menu extension A LOT), starting all the way from breaking grass to building diamond mines and fending off attacks from other lands (made in 3 days, but I spent like 20 hours on it). Also it has depth-sorting 3d for certain objects and auto/manual saving (for everything, including tilemaps).
I finished/submitted it right before the deadline too lol:


Highly unpolished, no save mechanics, plus untested:

(if I had more time, then I would have done more things. I definitely did not go overboard on this Mini Game Jam.)

Key(s) Action(s)
Up, Down, Left, Right Control the character, or move cursor in the inventory.
A Use, or swap item between inventory and toolbar while in inventory.
B Swap active slot in toolbar, or switch cursor between inventory and toolbar while in inventory.
Menu Toggle inventory view in game, or while selling items toggle between sell all items and sell none (while an entry is highlighted)

You are a farmer, who has to pay off their farm. They are almost done, with just $500 left! But they must have all the money by Friday night, or the money will not reach the bank fast enough and you will be evicted! Can you farm fast enough to avoid your eviction?


I knew everyone would make farming games


Not everyone, unless you count airdropped water as irrigation :wink:


Amazing submissions! We’ll be playing them on stream this Friday at 1:00 PM PDT on twitch.tv/msmakecode


Hey folks! I just posted a poll about mini game jams:

Please take a moment to send us your thoughts!


Your game is really cool I like the flashy camera flash