Arcade Feature Request!

Well! Hello there once again! I have some stuff to suggest regarding the “ask for string” and “ask for number” blocks!

  • Add more settings like: Default capital letters/always capital letters
  • Add option to change color of the bottom and so on
  • Add feature that lets you customize the “keyboard” like removing unneeded letters or using a different layout!
    Why these features? I recently somewhat came back to coding and made some tools for a roblox flight simulator! The biggest problem was always people using the wrong airport abbreviation! The code only knows the airport IRFD… The keyboar by default is on small letters which makes most people that are new to arcade (The tool is being used by 100 people daily) put in irfd which the code simply doesnt know… Its annoying to always have to go all the way down to put anything in…
    Why change the color: Simply pink just doesnt fit into a professional aircrafts cockpit does it… Thats why a color setting would be cool! I can only name examples that are in my code! But think about it what those features could allow you to do!
    Finally heres a little look on the tool I made

    I most likely wont post it here as I dont think anyone here plays PTFS (The flight simulator this tool is for) So yeah!
    Thanks! See you soon!

This would be cool! Even just a block like this:
that could capitalize any string put into it!


Yeah, pink doesn’t fit, and a feature to change the color of that bar would be really cool! @DahbixLP, you could at least use the color fading extension to change the pink into something else though, until that becomes a feature.




I’m working on a custom keyboard extension (generally just input) so look out for that in the coming weeks. My advice for now is to just listen to the others’ suggestions.


I have another feature request! The Ability to customize the simulator! Change the color and add buttons! (Or make a menu with different presets) To have stuff like a keyboard as touchable buttons! The keyboard would work like this: Whenever a “ask for string” gets triggered you can use the keyboard to put stuff in! Other ideas are: A numpad, Normal buttons + C and D buttons, Normal buttons but only left/right (galaga game for example), the same but only up and down, Normal buttons but only A button, 2 joysticks