Cboy R Codebase

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Want to make a Makecode-Operating System with Storage and Settings but don’t know where to start? Introducing the Cboy R Codebase! With 22 lines of code, Cboy R provides you with the basic fundamentals for making your own Makecode Operating System. Of course, It doesn’t have a GUI or anything… since you can make your own unique one! Here’s how to use it.

When you Copy and Paste the Code into your OS, you should see this.
To make new settings, duplicate the function definition. It should name itself file_2. image
you don’t have to change the setting value… it’s just what I do. Insert the file in either cboy (main system files) user (custom self-made files) or apps (applications) make sure to drag it into the on-start block
This mess right here is the storage system behind Cboy R (yes even Cboy R needs coding to work). So, you can build on top of this and also look in this thread for any discoveries I’ve or @S0m3_random_guy have made when WindOS v(1 I guess) and Cboy Azure were being developed. Please note this does need the Settings Extension to work so please keep that in mind when copying Cboy R’s code. Also give credit If you do use this I worked very hard on it. Another Cboy (Cboy R Starter) will come out and will be much easier to build upon with a pre-built GUI.

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Where is the code link tho?

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Here is the link to the Current Build (1.00.1) https://makecode.com/_Pdr4KhLkbDrd

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fun fact - my user wallpaper (the background image you see on my profile) Is actually Cboy 2022’s wallpaper.

Anyways, I don’t quite understand what this is used for. Can you make it a little bit more clear?

Let’s say you wanted to make your own OS- but storage and settings are to complicated for you. Cboy R can help provide the start to your OS without you having to do many of the complicated things.

P.S. This could possibly help with WindOS

Yeah, but you just put some random settings together and called it a day. I don’t wanna sound offensive but I really don’t see a use for the code you put together, it just lists the ammount of settings.

It makes it easier to make settings and folders and such. But yeah, a new version will come out because this needs some revising. Like I said before,

I just need to keep working on Cboy R so that it will be better than ever

Well if it “makes it easier to make folders” then why didn’t you just straight up implement folders and files into the codebase, like a full file system?

Okay. I understand this needs lots of revisions. It will definitely get those revisions.

What this means is you could store settings in the 3 default folders easier by copying and pasting a function definition and editing some of it. I know this sounds very complicated, but It is what I have so far. This will get better over time.
Development Is Required.

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Much more improved build of R, which has more functionality and compatibility than 1.00.1 did.

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I’m gonna be working on this project again! :smiley:

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