Just finished another cabinet for school!

chown -R pi:pi (with the minus sign?)

Thanks for the response, yes it was the dash I was missing. For the arcade cabinet we decided to follow your lead @senorlloyd and created a mini Makecode unit with our laser cutter and 3D printer, added some adjustable lights via TrinketM0 and some acrylic. We also have 15 pi gamers so we are excited about teaming up our mini arcade with those. Thanks for posting such an amazing project!

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So did it run with McAirpos eventually?

Yes it did, just cant get the sound to work

Yes it did, just cant get the sound to work


Which OS installation do you run and does it have ALSA installed/activated, which is required to get sound from MakeCode Arcade games?

There have also been reports about difficulties getting sound through an USB audio devices. I only have experience with Raspbian regular HDMI or jack outputs using ALSA.

Thanks for the suggestions, figured it out with this
So everything is up and running thanks to your amazing application, I still have one question. How do I get out of MakeCode? With Mame I hit the start/select button at the same time and that puts me back into retroPi but with MakeCode it does not work, any ideas? thnx

:+1: Would be nice to see a clip/some pictures of your final working product when ready(and a star for the GitHub repository is always appreciated)! :wink:

If you don’t mind, I will link to your post here on GitHub, since many have been asking about USB sound, and I haven’t been able to help, since I only use Raspi-regular HDMI or jack audio myself. Ok?

By default, MakeCode Arcade games use “arcade.cfg” for button mapping, where in the McAirpos configuration the (keyboard)buttons for exit, reset and menu are 1(ESC), 59(F1) and 60(F2), respectively:

I don’t know if you use direct mapping to “arcade.cfg” for your arcade controllers(only EV_KEY inputs), or you have EV_ABS inputs, where you need to run the included uinput-mapper for your controller to work. In the former case, you have to rewire or edit “/sd/arcade.cfg”, in the latter case you have to edit "…/uinput-mapper/configs/arcade1.py and …2.py”. Uinput-mapper tries to map the above EV_KEY values 1, 59 and 60 as default to START, SELECT and MODE/PS buttons on a EV_ABS controller, respectively.

Since MakeCode Arcade uses the basic “raw input events” and has no knowledge of button mappings in RetroPie and other higher levels, it is often less work to rewire according to or edit “/sd/arcade.cfg” first, maybe, if needed, edit …/uinput-mapper/configs/arcade1.py and …2.py” and then setup RetroPie button mappings afterwards(Most people with arcade setups have reported physical rewiring to fit default MakeCode mappings to be the least work).

If still stuck, please check out https://github.com/Vegz78/McAirpos/issues/9#issuecomment-806444632 or other solved controller related issues, or open your own issue where it’s easier for me to help you than on this forum.

Br, Vegard

Cool, gave you start on github! I will look into the mapping tmrw, I used this for my arcade joystick and buttons if that sheds some light :). As for pics here is some pics

here is a little video of it in action as well here is a link into a google folder with the dxf and ai files for the build as well as some info on how we built the lights. Its a bit disorganized right now but I will tidy it up with an animation of how the arcade is assembled and better pics of the wiring for the lights. Our students love this and while we do have class sets of pygamers they like to play their games on the arcade quite a bit more. We are running a big Makecode initiative in our district right now so I am really excited about the opportunities your application presents! We are thinking about getting our Engineering 11 students to build multiple mini arcades next year, which will be a fun project. Quick question, how do I place the youtube video right in my post like the ones above?


Very nice!!! Thanks for sharing and for the star! Maybe @senorlloyd knows how to embed Youtube videos in the posts?

I love the lighting. Very cool.

I’m pretty sure you just put the link in and it’ll embed on its own.