WindOS insider build program - applications open!

That’s so cool the max I’ve had is 12 notifications


what, max i had was 5

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max i had was…72…


My max was like 5 how on EARTH did you get 72 @E-EnerG-Gamecentral


A music maker.

idk how

he probably turned on “Watching” mode for all topics

that’s actually what I did…

I would say cheater buuut…

CHEATER (it’s fine really lol)

yo if anybody is gonna make another Cboy, i’d call it Cboy Azure Platinum.

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idk ask @E-EnerG-Gamecentral

I’m trying to make a game console kinda like the Cboy. Anyone want to help?

Well, you can mod Cboy (I am taking a break from Cboy till’ Decemberish.) Also @Sarge it’s been awhile! How’s progress on WindOS?

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Alright, but I might change it a little bit.

Perfectly fine with me. I’m actually working on a new Operating System for Makecode so I can let you work on it from here on out.

Thank you!

Well, since school started i have taken a break from makecode in general, so you can’t expect a lot on that :/ sorry about that. anyways, if online school starts, i actually might get back to working on it

You should use some of TerminalOS’ code for source code things or something.

It’s fine, plus, I’m on build 0.0.3a, so I got it covered for the most part :wink:

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