WindOS insider build program - applications open!

What’s the current build of WindOS Basic @Sarge? also can we expect it to release to “satisfy” the public (me)?

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I think when you replied to SilentGaming he was talking about me…

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“spam f in chat Bois” a wild SilentGaming once said,
then another person said “Not gonna spam cos this isn’t Discord or something (lol memories) but well done @Sarge on this massive achievement!”

also online using the radio extension is freaking cool
I made this with it:

I once got 13.

Hey, for some reason, C-boy Azure Is acting Strange, it is opening up different applications than what it is told to open.

Can someone tell me what is going on?


             Quantum Games
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I don’t know what’s going on, I’ll look into it. Which build are you on?

Can you send me the code?

Build 8224

From what I’ve seen, Cboy 8224 is doing okay on my side!

you can make screenshots by using the “snapshot” extension.

not quite what i meant, but thanks

help me to build the bast OS on makecode arcade

its way to simple and the notch is in the way other than that it is amazing